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reviews on the performance of some of the brands we serviced.

ERP 21 – SAP Service Provider and Industry Specific Employment Agency

Digitalizing the talent scouting process allows ERP21 Pte Ltd to reach out to more potential candidates globally in order to provide clients more options.

The brand refresh exercise allows the brand to be more accurately represented and refining the services provided, making the services offered clear.

The SAP industry is a very niched industry, with specific requirement for each job placement and filtering through this process through their new database shortens the process, allowing them to allocate more resources in building the business and increasing productivity.

The SEO works done on the site has proven effective. Despite minimal marketing or brand awareness one year into the web development, candidates are still signing up for the various positions available.

Al Nusra SG – Brand Consultancy and Digitalization

Growing a brand is exciting when the goals are tangible and the results are measurable.

During the initial stage, Al Nusra carried and developed multiple brands under one roof. Upon a brand consultation session, we pushed and assisted for them to retain the principal brand and build towards the brand extension instead.

Al Nusra launched their e-commerce platform right before the initial lockdown due to Covid-19 and this has been proven greatly beneficial as even their retail outlets were not open to public due to the restrictions in place.

The e-commerce platform has allowed them to reach out to even more customers – inlcluding those who has never stepped into any of their outlets due to proximity and operate at maximum capacity despite the operational limitations.

Beaute Tarts – Traditional Tarts Boutique

Adopting technology has allowed Beaute Tarts to reduce the amount of time spent taking orders and collating them.

We built a website that was easy to manage with minimal knowledge as technology was quite a challenge for the team.

In the one year we consulted on the Beaute Tarts brand, we’ve strategized the brand’s scalability, aligning it with goals and milestones with clear measurements of its growth.

When we repositioned the brand in the market, the marketing approach and brand strategy that ensued allowed them to expand their target audience range. 

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